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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Devel

So I participated in this creative writing thing and I thought it was kinda cool so I figured I would post it here. The assignment was to write something short that contained the following ten words: Gentleman, Develop, Headlight, Teacher, Heroism, Paper, Amplify, Settlement, Express, Garden.

So this is what I wrote:

We are taught in our interaction with our fellow man to be gentle.
Man imitates his father, the Devel.
Open up my head.
Light a cigarette.
Ache relentlessly knowing you’ll never again see her.
“O” is my mouth’s expression as they tighten the strap.
Ape rage fills me as I stamp.
Lif yearns against death’s onsett.
Lement your loss as against you they vex.
Press on until you stop breathing.
Ar dens of thieves worth saving?

Obviously I got unconventional with spelling, and I'm not a super creative writer, but I thought it was fun. You should give it a shot in the comments.

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